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PR Sarah Evans site

PR Sarah Evans site

So I am finally posting about #journchat Live Detroit.   I am super slow at posting this but I had a hell of a week last week.   Coping with Grief creeping up on me and holding my first event.  Was a lot of stress to handle plus finding out I didn’t get a second interview for a dream job.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. EST 7 people joined me for a #Journchat discussion last week.   I was hoping for more since this was my first event I would call this a success.  What was supposed to be a meeting of the minds wound up being a meeting of public relations professionals and bloggers.

100_4421_edited-1@jennimurr and @davemurr at Buddy’s before the discussions began.

100_4422_edited-1@diapersndragons (back) and @rockdrool

We had some interesting topics.   The laptop died a little way through and since we were on the wrong side of the restraunt for power.  We made due.  It was a great learning experience and I hope more journalists join us next time.

#Journchat roll call








and Evan Branch

Last week was very interesting.  I had to go to the grave site of my Mom for the first time in over 2 years.  This was tough because it brought back a swell of emotions I thought I had worked through.

I also found out who got the Detroit Regional Chamber job and I got a rejection letter from ESPN.  Which was fine I thought I had a slim chance living in Detroit.  I did wind up connecting with the manager who didn’t hire me on Linked In and I tried connecting with the HR person who chose to send me the email.  He was not as nearly as open minded as I would have thought.

Truly a learning experience and a lot of stress.  I am glad last week is over.  Too much emotion in a short period of time.  You live and learn.

I will do the event planning again but I think I would change a few things.  So be sure to check out this space for more things regarding #journchat if there is another live event I am going to be planning it.

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