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Steve Yzerman is the adoptive son of Detroit and he took a position as the General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning in May of 2010.  After 23 years as a Detroit Red Wing and four years as an apprentice to General Manager Ken Holland.   Stevie learned the ropes of the National Hockey League from the business stand point and took his team to one win from the Eastern Conference Finals in 2010.

There are quite a few things from a business stand point we can learn from Stevie.

1. Do not burn bridges

Stevie will always be remembered as a Red Wing.  He signed my puck at the team practice in Troy and even used his number 19 on it.  He will always be a member of the Red Wings family no matter how far he travels or whose team he is employed by.  He is adopted by the city of Detroit and by the Red Wings family for bringing hockey back and using his perseverance to win three Stanley Cups and be in the office for the fourth.  He has not burned bridges but he still has the connections he once had and probably uses them.  Just because you leave an employer that you have been with forever does not mean you lose the connections you once had.

2. Surround yourself with people who can help you

Stevie won a gold medal with Team Canada in the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.  Canada, his  native country put him in a very pressure packed situation.  He had taken the time to surround himself with A players so his team can have success down the road.  I am pretty sure the Red Wings believe in this philosophy and this is how it was passed along to him.  He did not graduate from high school yet he has a Masters degree in the NHL.  You learn from the best and you can have long term goals.  He sees the future and I am pretty sure he believes this philosophy.

3. You can always come home

Detroit will always be home for Stevie Y.  He has done the right things for this city and always kept the windows of opportunity to success open.  Mike Illitch will probably always think of him as an adoptive son since he has been through every phase of hockey with the Red Wings.  He speaks highly of the Detroit area and has had many life experiences here.  So when his paths cross again or maybe not with Detroit he knows he can always come home because people will always respect him.  He never brought a scandal to Detroit but he brought grit,  determination and was a quiet leader.  He is doing the same thing with Tampa Bay and seems to be just as loyal.

This video is a really great  because it shows what he has learned about the business, his team, what he hopes to accomplish and everything great  Steve Yzerman brings to the table.

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I am a young professional… Well young into my career anyway, I took the LONG road through my college career and currently I am working 2 jobs trying to find my ENTRY LEVEL position in either Public Relations for a Tech related company or Interactive/Marketing Coordinator.

There was a time in my life not so long ago, when I would have LOVED to have moved out of the D.   I am a born and bread Detroiter! I will LEAVE if the opportunity arises and I am networking IN and OUT of the state.

I have been networking a lot on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.  I have made connections through #BlogChat which might help me if I do get a chance to demonstrate my abilities to the Red Cross in Washington, DC.

But why would anyone want to stay in MI? Why wouldn’t you want to leave?  As one of my friends stated, if I was going to make my break away it would have to be RIGHT now.  I would never make it, moving away from my Red Wings at the start of the preseason.  To most people preseason, does not matter but to me… Well I have a hockey problem.

I have started networking… I do it every week.  #tweetea has been a staple and something I plan on.  I was invited to a Menu Tasting at Olga’s Kitchen today by another group of people,  who started Eat Ups.  Which I was totally impressed with.  Everyone should eat food with Joe Foodie! He knows his stuff!

I have never been to Olga’s and it is a MI staple which has been around as long as I have been alive.  I met one of the people, who were in charge of the event, he is a coach for Team in Training which helps benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Through Twitter I made the connection during my early days of campaigning for LLS.  Small World.

The food was fantastic.  The service was great and we were treated like Rock Stars!  I would definitely go back!

Why Detroit is home.

My family is small.  I am an ONLY child, my Dad, Godmother, and aunt are here.  I would like to be closer to my cousins and hopefully the social networks will allow this to happen.

My Mom who passed away 7/3/07, grandma (06) & uncle Dennis (01)

I have rediscovered some old friendships, made new ones, and well I am not sure if I can handle moving.  I am fine with doing things on my own but moving cross country or elsewhere.  I don’t know.

I don’t want to be part of the brain drain.  I would feel guilty with all the relationships I have worked hard to create, build and maintain.  I am not sure if they feel the same way.  But I like this networking thing!

I have broken out of my shell and actually am organizing something which I never thought I could do.  I am planning a #journchat LIVE meeting, Aug 17 from  7:30-10  p.m.  Plus, I am writing membership profiles for PRSA Technology section. I am doing things I never thought I would have the leadership for.  In the past, I would just let things go and never contribute.  Now I am working on leadership skills.

I don’t want to leave the D.  Can you help me stay here? I do not want to be part of the brain drain.

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On April 21, 2009 I took Kevin Donlin’s method and put it into action with this presentation.  His method is always to start working before it is needed to show your expertise and to solve a problem before they know they have one. I met Kevin later that day at the MSU Alumni sponsored event “How to find a job in tough times.”

I was supposed to be at a NHLTweetup but I did not want to go because Kevin’s method has helped me.   Early in my social media endeavors I commented on a blog post after I downloaded and dissected one of his white papers called “The Simple Job Search Manifesto”  from the http://www.thesimplejobsearch.com and I have been convinced ever since.  This was a connection which brought me to my first podcast, then featured in a newspaper column in MN, and then that day I was interviewed about Social Media in the Christian Science Monitor which is located in Boston, MA.  I am happy to have met and to know him and even when I don’t think he is paying attention on Facebook he is thinking about me.

I used this when I was kind of confused to what kind of meeting I would be having with Hunch Free.  We had an informational interview already over the phone a few days ago and I was really interested in how to sell a Social Media strategy to a Community College. This is just to enhance a campaign which is already being used and is just my ideas in action.  I am not sure if they can be used in the campaign.

Our meeting was triggered by a change in status on his Linked IN profile because I was looking for ideas on how to create my own.  Am I going to do this or pursue other ideas I really do not know.  In the meantime, I am actively networking and meeting people.

Hunch Free

Hunch Free

So I brought with me this plan to showcase my skills.  Jimmy Gwizdala was impressed and wasn’t really sure what to think.  I had emailed this presentation first because I was not sure if he was going to be bringing his laptop or not and then I also put it on a disc.  So he had a traveling copy if he connects with someone he can pass this on.

I wasn’t offered a job but I was offered an opportunity to freelance.  I am NOT going to take it and I need to find a niche so I can charge something.  I am still passionately looking for a FULL TIME position but I want to keep learning in the process and this is a great way to do so!

Great Opportunities happen when you create them!

You can decide your own destiny you just need to have the desire to do what you want! I am kind of scared but I know this is a great opportunity to gain some experience.  Looks like I am NOT going to take that opportunity I still need a plan for my business if I am going to start one.

Have you freelanced? Started your own biz? What are your suggestions?

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I am young professional and I have been graduated from EMU since August 2008.  I have never really cared about having a laptop I have a desk top and I was happy.  Until Startup Weekend Detroit I never realized just how important two things can be.  A laptop or netbook are essential to business today.

I am hard core note taker with a notebook and I am rethinking my paper calander for organization.  With out Internet service you can not  research and it is even harder to create a social marketing platform.

I am active in the social space and I believe in creating opportunities but with out technology you can not participate and this makes life complicated.  My team leader, even though I was frustrated, still considered me part of the team.  I was kind of shocked but he let me participate.

With out a smart phone like an iphone I can not even help my friend Henry Balanon by purchasing his Iphone applications like the Toastmasters Timer for speeches!   I never realized just how important an Iphone can be.  With out a laptop I could have participated by using an Iphone.

Over the years, I have never been much on the technology side.  Last year was the first time I burned a CD.  Through networking, I now believe you can not truly participate unless you have the tools to allow you to excel.  The problem is the cost.

I do not have the money to obtain these things right now.  I am young in my career and I am working part time jobs that play minimum wage which often conflicts with networking times.

I am an optimist and I believe things will.  I am not buying into what the so called experts are saying.  I believe in creating your own life and only you can make changes.  I am hoping change comes soon.

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The World Junior Championships are taking place in Ottawa, ONT Canada from 12/26/2008 – 1/5/2009 and it will be a story of a dreamer that fulfilled one of his dreams of representing his country. Over the years Team Canada has had a wealth of talent. Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, Wayne Gretsky and even Dan Cleary.

Dan Cleary and Angelo Esposito have a lot in common. Cleary became the first NHL player from the province of New Foundland to win the Stanley Cup. He had been cut from the World Junior team 3x and he finally fulfilled his dreams. He often credits his wife for the change in his attitude.

Angelo Esposito may NOT be the dream player that John Tavares is and not the shiniest start on the team. He was determined, held strong, and would not take NO for an answer. The two of them represent what it takes to fulfill your dreams.

Persistence is often a hard thing to come by. The things that we often want most are harder to find and to be focused enough to center of your dream, have faith that things will go your way, and work hard to fulfill it. That takes guts and determination.

Whether or not you are a hockey player playing in the spotlight. Things often don’t go your way. Heck, no team wanted Cleary after the lockout. They passed him up because of his lack of work ethic, he used the time to go to California and train and got a recommendation from Matthiew Schenider to try out out for the Wings. He not only excelled but had a new role and a second chance and now he has his name on the Cup.

Angelo Esposito got cut from Team Canada and his rights have been traded from Pittsburgh to Atlanta before he even got a chance to play. He knew what he wanted and where he had to go to make a difference in his career and perception. So when the team is shining and trying to win the Gold. Just think of how much determination and perseverance some of these hockey players have been through.

Sometimes it isn’t all its cracked up to be. They both were high draft pics and they both got passed up on because of poor work ethic or just injury and bad timing. Change can happen if you believe in yourself and believe in your dream.

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