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Over the course of the season, the Detroit Lions have revealed that they are NOT a franchise that the NFL should have respect for. They are 0-15 with an OWNER that comes from OLD money and probably is part of an OLD boys club. He won’t fire the coach Rod Marinelli and he also let him hire his Son in Law as the Defensive Coordinator. William Clay Ford did NOT want to fire Millan and signed him to an extension. He has no desire to WIN what so ever. Does his arrogance and knowing that he controls the football in a dominate Michigan Football fan state? I guess the question remains is this.

IS William Clay Ford trying to do this on purpose? He has a history of being a loser as far as the Lions go. He has owned the team for 45 years and in his old age his front office staff has gotten worse. He chased the only person that could have helped his team to WIN out of town when Barry Sanders retired.

Bill Wirtz was almost the same way. He refused to air Chicago Blackhawks games on television because he thought that if people wanted to see a hockey game that they should go to the United Center to see it. Then whenever he got top talent, he would trade them away, Jeremy Roenick, Tony Amonte, and the list could go on.

What does these owners have in common. They ruined two of the major sports in two major markets. NFL is king and when you are screwing with people’s money for your own greed and get a sick thrill out of losing every year. There is NO fight for even trying to get the team back on track. Was there ever?

No one wants to be a loser. Is there some sick thrill in seeing a team lose? Bill Wirtz knew that he could control the city by keeping games not on television and it took the salary cap in the NHL to save his team with the combination of his his passing.

Is that what it is going to take for the Lions to get on track? William Clay Ford is 84 years old and seems to be the major obstruction to the team winning. Will there be someone strong enough to stand up to the OLD money and the corporate sponsorship that the Ford Company brings to the table for the NFL. There should be a standard at which you say, enough is enough.

Losers should NOT be treated with golden slippers. The Lions need to improve and they will not do that if he is in charge. He breeds losers and that team chemistry can not be a winning one. You can change your life but you can’t change an organization.

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