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This has been awhile in the making and I haven’t sat down and wrote down my thoughts on the entire issue.  I am writing this because I am apart of it to a certain extent.  I do have access to the digital world but I am FAR from being mobile and I do not see me having access to anything really super mobile (i.e. a smart phone or a laptop in the near future) unless I get a full time job.

My computer I am working on is a hand me down and with some love from 2 friends.  I was finally able to resurrect this from death.  The hard drive was really about to die.  So unless I got a new one it was liable to crash.

It really hasn’t bothered me until I started going to digital conferences, having a Razr instead of the 3G network, and basically NOT being mobile.  I wrote about this briefly when I attended Start up Weekend and couldn’t really be useful because I lacked the laptop to do the work.

I have gotten by and really enjoy working in the digital space.  I grew up in a lower middle class home and even after college I wasn’t able to secure a position just yet.  With out a laptop you feel like you are out of the loop of the entire Wi-fi and everything else mobile.

The world is going mobile and I would like to go with it.  Though I know the Digital Divide isn’t really all about me not having access to mobile communication devices I believe there is a small portion of our economy which can not afford to be mobile.

I am working 2 jobs, trying to land a full time position, and trying to do the right things and NOT complain.   I know I am NOT a part of the BIG Digital Divide but I also do not have an HD television or anything really techie so I feel I may be a small portion of this population which is somewhat divided.

Does this make sense? What do you think? What are your thoughts on the Digital Divide? Was this something from the late 1990s?

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I am young professional and I have been graduated from EMU since August 2008.  I have never really cared about having a laptop I have a desk top and I was happy.  Until Startup Weekend Detroit I never realized just how important two things can be.  A laptop or netbook are essential to business today.

I am hard core note taker with a notebook and I am rethinking my paper calander for organization.  With out Internet service you can not  research and it is even harder to create a social marketing platform.

I am active in the social space and I believe in creating opportunities but with out technology you can not participate and this makes life complicated.  My team leader, even though I was frustrated, still considered me part of the team.  I was kind of shocked but he let me participate.

With out a smart phone like an iphone I can not even help my friend Henry Balanon by purchasing his Iphone applications like the Toastmasters Timer for speeches!   I never realized just how important an Iphone can be.  With out a laptop I could have participated by using an Iphone.

Over the years, I have never been much on the technology side.  Last year was the first time I burned a CD.  Through networking, I now believe you can not truly participate unless you have the tools to allow you to excel.  The problem is the cost.

I do not have the money to obtain these things right now.  I am young in my career and I am working part time jobs that play minimum wage which often conflicts with networking times.

I am an optimist and I believe things will.  I am not buying into what the so called experts are saying.  I believe in creating your own life and only you can make changes.  I am hoping change comes soon.

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