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This has been a time coming. I guess since I went out on a couple of dates with someone that I met through Linked In. I discovered that it was a better way of connecting. Though there was never a relationship but it taught me a few things about connecting with people.

Through social networks you can find common ground, discover their interests, and communicate with them FREE. The thing with some of the better dating sites is that you are charged a fee to talk. If you meet someone that you think is a business contact, you add them to build your network, with Linked IN. Then if it transfers over to something like facebook, to be more casual, it could then transfer over to something “James Bond” like but you at least have stable ground and two way conversation.

These forms of communication are an oxy moron because what makes them so great in the beginning is a double edged sword most of the time. With so many networks out there and being available communication signals are often crossed. See my take on this subject.

The advantage to the social network way of meeting is that you already have a sense of who their friends are, able to communicate, what their interests are, and almost everything about them. There isn’t a flashy ad that is trying to sell you something. If they are genuine then you can tells straight from the bat.

I am exhausted with the personals and I do not really believe that it is the way of going. Just like a job search, if you come off as desperate then you will attract the wrong people, and no one wants to do that. So send a tweet, interact, and be engaging… maybe that is the way to meet the right people.


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Since my last post about Social Media and Dating went over so well I am going to write something else about the subject matter. In this day and age when communication or avoidance of communication is at its abundance it is hard to tell when to say what you want to say. The beginning of relationships and the entire courtship thing is hard. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

You often wonder, what do you say, when do you say what you want to say, and when are you going to get out of limbo? I know these questions are never easy and usually their is horrible timing on everyone’s part.

So why do we bother with it at all? Why does when something that seems so great turn out so bad? I have been wondering about this for the past night. How could someone go from cooking you dinner and wanting to spend a lot of time (on dates, they averaged 5.5 – 6.5 hours) with you to NOT wanting to go out with you at all.?

It just seems odd this dance that we do. Social Media allows for us to know what our ex daters are doing all the time. With constant status messages on Facebook or Twitter you can figure it out even if you aren’t talking. Is that a good thing or bad?

What do you do when you are subject to all this communication. Plus, if someone is genuinely interested is the telephone used as a TELEPHONE and not as a texting device?

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