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    Ken Burbary started this and now it is my turn thanks to Ms Shauna Nicholson at Biznet.

    1. I am a linking junkie. I have been banned from Facebook 2.5 times for doing it. I love to share stories, news articles, and anything and everything that comes through my email box.

    2. I am an ONLY child and my Mom passed away July 3, 2007. Ironically, that is the ONE year anniversary of Steve Yzerman announcing his retirement.

    3. I used to play hockey from 2003-2005. I stopped because I had retina detachment surgery. When I went back I realized how out of shape I was and that I had to STOP. I still have all my gear.

    4. I can’t see with out my glasses and I won’t do contacts anymore.
    My right eye is so bad from the retina detachment surgery that I can’t really function with out them. I have a buckle in my right eye to keep the retina in place. This happened when I was 28.

    5. I used to sing Karaoke all the time. Now I find the bar scene the same old, and it isn’t helping my career. I feel that I am too old for it. Though I quit singing mostly because of my TMJ problem that I got over the summer from a 26” television falling on my head at work.

    6. It took me 10 years to be set free from the EMU prison. I finally wound up with my B.S. degree in Communications Technology in August 2008. I have no desire to use this sheet of paper. I was not meant to be in that major.

    7. The reason why I chose EMU was for two defunct reasons. I thought I was going to be with my BF forever at the time. Yea right, that ended shortly after I moved on campus. Then I thought that computers was the way to go. Too bad I am horrible at programming, graphic design, etc.

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