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People may not think or relate to creating an opportunity through a blog comment.  If you are in the New Media sector you know this is part of your arsenal in creating a growing brand.  But what does this have to do with your job search and how can it help?

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Through Kevin Donlin’s Blog, on his website, The simple job search.  I wound up meeting him in Detroit, getting interviewed for a podcast about how I got   my New Media internship with LLS and then he referred  me  to a reporter at the Christian Science Monitor.  Though she did not use my interview  in her newspaper.  It was a chance I would not have had, had I not commented in the first place.

Through his website, he noted another person named A. Harrison Barnes. He is a great writer and has really useful stuff.  But his blogs are way too long and if it were up to me, and I had a chance to really talk to him about it,  I would really shorten them.  They average about 1000 or more words and by the end you probably have to take a break or two.  They are just way too long.  But I digress.  I connected to him on Facebook because I had been the only one commenting.

This led to a possible job opportunity.  He liked my blog and things but things just weren’t going to work out between us.  As much as I liked the opportunity it just wasn’t a great fit.

The moral of the story is in a down economy there are different ways to find a job.  Plus, you need to know your worth, don’t sound desperate and to not take the first opportunity which comes around.  You could wind up working in a place which you hate and you could be miserable.  When you stick to your passion and you find a way to combine it to make an income.  Then you probably won’t ever want to leave work.

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FWIX screen shot

Today I am posting about my new internship opportunity with the great folks at FWIX (Feeds with in the Mix ) This is a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door with a start up company.   I participated in Start up Weekend Detroit and I know how hard it is to start a company from scratch.  So this is providing me insight and input into the creation of this website as well as any questions or concerns I may have

FWIX is a blog aggregator.  So it takes all the best news stories and blogs and puts it on the homepage.  This is great because it is a mix of blogs and sometimes actual news stories.  To do this, Fwix pulls from thousands of sources like Yelp, Twitter, local newspapers, Zvents and now, TicketStumbler.

Ticketstumblr added to Fwix.

Ticketstumblr added to Fwix.

To make things simple.   I am writing about how to use FWIX because sometimes there  is some confusion.   This technology is ever changing and evolving so I asked for them to create neighborhoods.  Since they would like to be your local  news stand.  I contributed to the neighborhood idea.  So you can add me to your neighborhood or visit my page for more clarity then hit add neighbor.

You are probably wondering why you would want to comment twice?  They have a badge which you can add to your blog similar to the one I have on mine.  So this drives traffic to your blog and if it is chosen that day to be on the homepage you will get more traffic.  I am asking the same thing but I think they just want you to add more spice to a centrally located page.

Since there are different users on FWIX then necessarily who your audience is.  You can get more traffic to your blog this way.  Plus, who wants to hear all the doom and gloom.  When you create your own content and their isn’t doom and gloom people in Detroit can see a different side of things.  Which maybe would have been missed.

I encourage everyone to participate.  It is a young company with lots of goals and they even have an Iphone app.  Who doesn’t love an Iphone app? Well other than the people like myself who don’t have a smart phone?

This app is cool because it will be able to tell you where the HOT SPOTS are in the city you are in.  Who wouldn’t want to know where to avoid if you don’t want to deal with crowds or if you want to be in the heart of the city where the cool stuff is going on.  They also have a Blackberry one in the works. Regional news feeds come to your phone! How cool is that?

Iphone app shot!

Iphone app shot!

So do you think this cool? Do you think this is different from what you have seen before?  Could you help me to spread the word on this technology? They are ever changing and if you can help with any ideas where I might be missing then you can just let me know.  They were also featured in Techcrunch and this is what is in Crunchbase!

I prefer to be the leader of change instead of waiting for something to happen! What do you think?  If you are looking for Detroit, scroll down and it is in the bottom right corner to click on Detroit.

Let’s work together to show everyone Detroit is doing good things together! Let’s collaborate and discuss issues which are important to us! Let’s make this great! New beginnings is what everyone is looking for and with this fresh out look let’s create something positive.

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On Saturday I presented this to about 150 people at St. Anastasia in Troy for a Re – Employment seminar put on by Matthew Karrandja.  His goal was to give financial planning,  social media training, and some resume advice to the community.  He is planning on having a faith based network.

He also has a website which he is hoping to promote.  I am going to be a part of his content team.  We are looking to keep the good talent in MI and not move.   Everyone has heard of the brain drain and a lot of professionals are moving out of MI.

We need good news and this is going to be a platform to help people in transition.  I met Matt through a Linked In connection, then we went to lunch for a meeting and I thought I couldn’t help him since Trialon is automotive employment and here I am a social networking person.  Turns out this was actually a great fit! He has been a great asset and full of great advice.

I am a student of Kevin Donlin and I met David Perry his partner through Linked In.  This is where I have practiced the lessons in which I am sharing and if you need ideas I suggest you follow them on Twitter, add them on Facebook and Linked IN.  They are really smart people.  What is on this presentation is only a touch of what they teach.  I combine it with the power of  your online presence.

Let’s get everyone working together and make a difference in MI!

Fwix Local Content

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