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This has been a time coming. I guess since I went out on a couple of dates with someone that I met through Linked In. I discovered that it was a better way of connecting. Though there was never a relationship but it taught me a few things about connecting with people.

Through social networks you can find common ground, discover their interests, and communicate with them FREE. The thing with some of the better dating sites is that you are charged a fee to talk. If you meet someone that you think is a business contact, you add them to build your network, with Linked IN. Then if it transfers over to something like facebook, to be more casual, it could then transfer over to something “James Bond” like but you at least have stable ground and two way conversation.

These forms of communication are an oxy moron because what makes them so great in the beginning is a double edged sword most of the time. With so many networks out there and being available communication signals are often crossed. See my take on this subject.

The advantage to the social network way of meeting is that you already have a sense of who their friends are, able to communicate, what their interests are, and almost everything about them. There isn’t a flashy ad that is trying to sell you something. If they are genuine then you can tells straight from the bat.

I am exhausted with the personals and I do not really believe that it is the way of going. Just like a job search, if you come off as desperate then you will attract the wrong people, and no one wants to do that. So send a tweet, interact, and be engaging… maybe that is the way to meet the right people.

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Are you a endurance sport participant that is looking to fundraise for cancer? The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Team in Training can help you with all of your needs. Don’t miss the kick off 1/28!
If you know of anyone that would be great. For more information and to find out how you can join.
The kick off will be held at the Southfield,
Holiday Inn,
26555 Telegraph Road on Wednesday January 28 at 6 p.m.

If you need more information before then there are still a few informational meetings left.
Troy Athens High School 4333 John R Road
Monday, Jan 26 at 6:30 p.m.

Farmington Hills Comfort Inn
30715 W 12 Mile Road Monday,
Jan 26 at 6:30 p.m.

Thank you for your support in the fight against blood cancers. The LLS TIT has been unparalleled in training people from first timers to seasoned athletes to achieve their best marathons, half marathons, triathalons, 100 mile century bike rides and hike adventures.

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Since my last post about Social Media and Dating went over so well I am going to write something else about the subject matter. In this day and age when communication or avoidance of communication is at its abundance it is hard to tell when to say what you want to say. The beginning of relationships and the entire courtship thing is hard. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

You often wonder, what do you say, when do you say what you want to say, and when are you going to get out of limbo? I know these questions are never easy and usually their is horrible timing on everyone’s part.

So why do we bother with it at all? Why does when something that seems so great turn out so bad? I have been wondering about this for the past night. How could someone go from cooking you dinner and wanting to spend a lot of time (on dates, they averaged 5.5 – 6.5 hours) with you to NOT wanting to go out with you at all.?

It just seems odd this dance that we do. Social Media allows for us to know what our ex daters are doing all the time. With constant status messages on Facebook or Twitter you can figure it out even if you aren’t talking. Is that a good thing or bad?

What do you do when you are subject to all this communication. Plus, if someone is genuinely interested is the telephone used as a TELEPHONE and not as a texting device?

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Check out this video: Hes Just Not That Into You trailer

He’s just Not That into You… is a story of a group of women that are struggling with dating and long term relationships. One of them doesn’t want to end up being single for the rest of her life, the other one is in a long term relationship that is NOT ending up in marriage, and there are a list of struggles that each of these women go through. I have not seen this movie yet but this post isn’t about what is going on in the movie or the plot per say. It is mostly about what Drew Barrymore’s character says at the end of this preview.

Drew Barrymore

I guess the point is that Social Media has taken over everything and it isn’t just about Twitter. I met the guy that I went out with 2x through Linked In initially as a business contact because he was in Public Relations and I wanted to start in public relations. That then transferred to Twitter somehow, and then I found him on Facebook and he added me there. So what turned out to be a business contact wound up being something more by email on Facebook and then real email.

So basically you need to check your Twitter, then Facebook, I found him on Myspace but haven’t added him yet. It is crazy. I have only really talked to him on the phone once. It is a mix of Twitter, email to plan a date, and then text messages in between.

My question is what happened to a phone call? I have only had one? I know it is the sign of the times and I probably should ask him but at the same time.. look at all these mediums there is to avoid communication and talk about confusing because what if you miss one? Is that going to mean its over?

Drew Barrymore’s character has a valid point. There are so many portals of communication that you may get rejected by at least seven by the end of the night. That is my point.

You need all these forms to brand yourself. To make yourself someone that gets the position with the company of your dreams. When you are trying to date it gets confusing and time consuming. So rethink about the OLD fashioned phone call… You can probably learn more about someone that way.

He Myspaced her, then after a few days or what not. He called her from work, she called him at work, he emailed her blackberry, she text his cell, and you have to check all these different portals to get rejected by seven different technologies. I love this saying because if it was not so honest than it would not be true.

Turns out that it ended after 2 dates and over a text message. We were in the same room and he couldn’t come up to me to say what was needed to be said.

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Have you ever had a House of Horrors. Where nothing seems to go your direction and it seems like you can never conquer that personal demon that is set before you? I am in transition with my career, personal life, and trying to get a foot forward in the career of my dreams. I have not found this House of Horrors that some people seem to have.

Why is conquering some fears and everything so hard to do in life? Why can’t we get past them and move on?

University of Michigan alum, current Dallas Stars goalie, Marty Turco remains winless at Joe Louis Arena in regular season games (0-8-2). This is a relentless problem that seems to face Marty Turco. He has only won ONE playoff game at the Joe.

I don’t know why it is such a House of Horrors for him. The Joe, even though he played games there as a Michigan Wolverine seems to haunt him and he can not seem to get past the Red Wings.

What in your life has caused you problems and how do you solve them? What advice would you give Marty Turco in solving this dilema? I am a Red Wings fan but you never want to see someone this haunted by the path that keeps following him through the years. It is never fun to know that the odds of your team winning a game are greater because of the goalie’s house of Demons.

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I asked the question, “How do you break the ice at a networking event,” and I posted this on various networking sites such as Motor City Connect and then then I posted to Linked IN Groups that I am a member of that are used for networking. I learned a lot and I feel that these videos emphasize what they are trying to come across.

Plus, combine this with what Shauna Nicholson, of Biznet, stated about Social Media. I am utilizing a lot of different methods of social media.

Anyways, I liked his story and I feel that finding a Mentor and Networking are essential and since I have TROUBLE with the “ASK,” and the, “What do you do” question this gave me a better idea of what I should do. Plus, I should note, that I also have trouble asking for CONTACTS and getting business cards. I can talk, and try and help with the problems, that I can solve. I just need some fine tuning.

Here is another video.

What are the skills that you feel benefit you in the business world and how do you network with them? How do you hand out your business cards with out LOOKING like a “deuchebag?”

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The World Junior Championships are taking place in Ottawa, ONT Canada from 12/26/2008 – 1/5/2009 and it will be a story of a dreamer that fulfilled one of his dreams of representing his country. Over the years Team Canada has had a wealth of talent. Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, Wayne Gretsky and even Dan Cleary.

Dan Cleary and Angelo Esposito have a lot in common. Cleary became the first NHL player from the province of New Foundland to win the Stanley Cup. He had been cut from the World Junior team 3x and he finally fulfilled his dreams. He often credits his wife for the change in his attitude.

Angelo Esposito may NOT be the dream player that John Tavares is and not the shiniest start on the team. He was determined, held strong, and would not take NO for an answer. The two of them represent what it takes to fulfill your dreams.

Persistence is often a hard thing to come by. The things that we often want most are harder to find and to be focused enough to center of your dream, have faith that things will go your way, and work hard to fulfill it. That takes guts and determination.

Whether or not you are a hockey player playing in the spotlight. Things often don’t go your way. Heck, no team wanted Cleary after the lockout. They passed him up because of his lack of work ethic, he used the time to go to California and train and got a recommendation from Matthiew Schenider to try out out for the Wings. He not only excelled but had a new role and a second chance and now he has his name on the Cup.

Angelo Esposito got cut from Team Canada and his rights have been traded from Pittsburgh to Atlanta before he even got a chance to play. He knew what he wanted and where he had to go to make a difference in his career and perception. So when the team is shining and trying to win the Gold. Just think of how much determination and perseverance some of these hockey players have been through.

Sometimes it isn’t all its cracked up to be. They both were high draft pics and they both got passed up on because of poor work ethic or just injury and bad timing. Change can happen if you believe in yourself and believe in your dream.

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