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    Ken Burbary started this and now it is my turn thanks to Ms Shauna Nicholson at Biznet.

    1. I am a linking junkie. I have been banned from Facebook 2.5 times for doing it. I love to share stories, news articles, and anything and everything that comes through my email box.

    2. I am an ONLY child and my Mom passed away July 3, 2007. Ironically, that is the ONE year anniversary of Steve Yzerman announcing his retirement.

    3. I used to play hockey from 2003-2005. I stopped because I had retina detachment surgery. When I went back I realized how out of shape I was and that I had to STOP. I still have all my gear.

    4. I can’t see with out my glasses and I won’t do contacts anymore.
    My right eye is so bad from the retina detachment surgery that I can’t really function with out them. I have a buckle in my right eye to keep the retina in place. This happened when I was 28.

    5. I used to sing Karaoke all the time. Now I find the bar scene the same old, and it isn’t helping my career. I feel that I am too old for it. Though I quit singing mostly because of my TMJ problem that I got over the summer from a 26” television falling on my head at work.

    6. It took me 10 years to be set free from the EMU prison. I finally wound up with my B.S. degree in Communications Technology in August 2008. I have no desire to use this sheet of paper. I was not meant to be in that major.

    7. The reason why I chose EMU was for two defunct reasons. I thought I was going to be with my BF forever at the time. Yea right, that ended shortly after I moved on campus. Then I thought that computers was the way to go. Too bad I am horrible at programming, graphic design, etc.

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Starting from my early days using message boards and social networks I guess I have been a bit of a rebel. My first experience came from Red Wings World. It is a pay fan site, in support of the Detroit Red Wings, and when their was moderation and the site worked well. I was constantly getting into trouble for posting links to stories. Now I post some stories but I always give the link. I wrote for my high school newspaper so I have always given credit where credit is due.

Well I would get into trouble for sharing too many stories and posting the entire story with out the link. Even though I gave them the credit and I was NOT claiming any of it as my own. That was my early days, now I don’t tend to share as many stories on Red Wings World but I tend to use Facebook and have a connection with most of my Red Wings World friends on there.

Since Red Wings World has been going down hill and the fan base has dwindled because of lack of updates, nothing special for your money, and the home page is still showing Hossa as a Penguin from last season. The community has dwindled and it is a shame because in its heyday (2002-2005) the community did a lot for the community and for people that needed help during the Christmas season, had a hockey game fundraiser, and annual parties.

I digress.

This leads me to TODAY. I have been networking to try and find a career. So this brings me to Linked In. I joined groups and then tried adding people that I thought would be of help to me. When I did this they would say they wouldn’t know me. So then I would have to know their email address to add them. I realize that when the basis of Linked In is to connect you with people that you know. Often times it is the people that you don’t know that can find you work and make you the rock star that you want to be. You have to dig around and try and connect with people in order to find work. IF you limited yourself to only people that you know. Then your scope would be small. I am NOT abusing this function because if you are in the same group as me I am sure that you have common interest and could be of some help to me in the future. After all, givers gain, right?

This also leads me to my ban from Facebook. I have been banned 2.5 times. You ask why the half time. It was a mistake because they never gave me any kind of warning and I didn’t know what the deal was. The first and third time they banned me was for linking too many stories. The Third time a friend of mine made a comment that I should create my own news feed because I am like a drudge report. I told her that Social Median already does that.

The third time they banned me for sharing a group in an email to a few friends. They still never tell you the amount that you have and what is considered SPAM. I don’t want to be too much of a news feed but I can see what the problem is. At the same time, on twitter, you can share a thousand stories and there isn’t rules against it.

I am not trying to abuse any rules. I just seem to push the limit to what you can and can’t do in the Social Media Realm. What do you think? Am I a pest or an outlaw?

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The Red Wings usually have the traditional New Year’s Eve game. It has happened as long as I can remember. I started going to Cheli’s Chili shortly after it opened downtown after working the game. It was a fun tradition but since the NHL is trying to create a new tradition sometimes we have to adapt to change. We will see the Red Wings play the BlackHawks at Wrigley Field instead on January 1, 2009. This Winter Classic II is an outdoor game that started a few years back and the idea is a great one. The idea of playing a sport outdoors for thousands of people where the game originated is appreciated. Though, the NYE game will be missing this year, this new tradition and being able to share this with the entire region is something special. The first Winter Classic was played between the Buffalo Sabers and the Pittsburgh Penguins on a snowy day on Jan 1, 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park. It was blizzard conditions and there was some ice problems but it was still worth having the game. This was the first game on USA soil the Heritage Classic on November 22, 2003 and was between the Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadians at CommonWealth Stadium.

Wings get ready to take on the Hawks for a PRE Winter Classic collision!

Wings get ready to take on the Hawks for a PRE Winter Classic collision!

Nothing in life is ever constant. You can not go through life with one complete tradition. Life events usually change things for people. My Mom passed away July 3, 2007 and that first Christmas with her gone was a rough one. My Dad, Aunt, and I went to the Bone Yard for Christmas. I picture the holidays as a day spent with friends and family not spent at a restaurant.

This year I am cooking dinner. My house has never held a party, and I have never thrown one. So this should be interesting. I feel traditions can change but sometimes you have to keep the spirit of the family and the home cooked part of the holiday. That is the best part of the holiday and when you lose that part.

Every tradition can be tweaked and changed for a year or so but as long as things can go back to somewhat the way they were for a day it is great to keep the spirit. As we get older, it is less about what we receive but what we can give to one another, these hard times that we are experiencing should be a lesson that our family and friends should be appreciated and not taken for granted.

So keep the tradition’s alive and remember that things can change for a year but you can you can also create new memories. Nothing ever comes easy and everything that is worth having is worth doing. So keep that in mind during the holiday season. It isn’t what you get but what you can give to other people that matters.

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Over the course of the season, the Detroit Lions have revealed that they are NOT a franchise that the NFL should have respect for. They are 0-15 with an OWNER that comes from OLD money and probably is part of an OLD boys club. He won’t fire the coach Rod Marinelli and he also let him hire his Son in Law as the Defensive Coordinator. William Clay Ford did NOT want to fire Millan and signed him to an extension. He has no desire to WIN what so ever. Does his arrogance and knowing that he controls the football in a dominate Michigan Football fan state? I guess the question remains is this.

IS William Clay Ford trying to do this on purpose? He has a history of being a loser as far as the Lions go. He has owned the team for 45 years and in his old age his front office staff has gotten worse. He chased the only person that could have helped his team to WIN out of town when Barry Sanders retired.

Bill Wirtz was almost the same way. He refused to air Chicago Blackhawks games on television because he thought that if people wanted to see a hockey game that they should go to the United Center to see it. Then whenever he got top talent, he would trade them away, Jeremy Roenick, Tony Amonte, and the list could go on.

What does these owners have in common. They ruined two of the major sports in two major markets. NFL is king and when you are screwing with people’s money for your own greed and get a sick thrill out of losing every year. There is NO fight for even trying to get the team back on track. Was there ever?

No one wants to be a loser. Is there some sick thrill in seeing a team lose? Bill Wirtz knew that he could control the city by keeping games not on television and it took the salary cap in the NHL to save his team with the combination of his his passing.

Is that what it is going to take for the Lions to get on track? William Clay Ford is 84 years old and seems to be the major obstruction to the team winning. Will there be someone strong enough to stand up to the OLD money and the corporate sponsorship that the Ford Company brings to the table for the NFL. There should be a standard at which you say, enough is enough.

Losers should NOT be treated with golden slippers. The Lions need to improve and they will not do that if he is in charge. He breeds losers and that team chemistry can not be a winning one. You can change your life but you can’t change an organization.

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Everyone in life needs a mentor.  The path in which they come in and out of our lives is a journey that can be short or long.  Scotty Bowman was with the Red Wings since 1993 and he has always been in the shadows to help every coach after him if they needed some guidance.  Every year until this year when he decided to leave for Chicago.  His Son, Stan that is an Assistant GM, is documented for having cancer, so he went to be with his family and to help grow the franchise that has a long suffering tradition.

Scotty was a Coach and Mentor for the Detroit Red Wings since 1993!

Scotty was a Coach and Mentor for the Detroit Red Wings since 1993!

With the training wheels off it seems like the Red Wings have lost their drive and lack the urgency to get things done and they are NOT acting like the team that had won the Cup last year.  Some say that it is the well documented Cup Hangover that most Cup winning teams suffer.   Which I do agree could partly true but I also think the Bowman factor could be another factor that is not  well documented.  They also are not acting like  a TEAM.  Where did the TEAM go?  That is a mystery that we are waiting to find out.

When you have a well established coach that has been with the team in some for since 1993.  Some of the members of the team were coached by him, and Coach Mike Babcock, used to have talks with him everyday or almost everyday and then he is gone.  You lack the person from the other side that sees the ice and how you document things differently then from someone that is inside the organization.

I think these slow starts might be a combination of two things.  Todd McLellan leaving and Scotty Bowman not  being in the shadow.  When the training wheels get taken off and you have to go solo that has to have some kind of trickle down effect on the team that has been used to him being in the shadows for so long.

What do you do when your mentor decides that it is time to take a different path?  Do you have the confidence to pull things out or do you change your way of thinking?  These things can be applied to life and NOT just the Red Wings.

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